Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sewing the front pocket

Pocket completed

Handsewn button holes. Need to work on this.

Hand warmers.

This is what I've been up to for the last few days. More or less finished. I need to get some toggles and cord and I'll be done. The hardest part was the neckline and parts of the hood. I had to do the neck three times before I was satisified. I have enough fabric left over for a second version and I'd like to encorporate some modifications: zippers on the sides, a zippered front for the hood, some velcro on the cuffs, and possibly a different front pocket. I have a copy of "Sew & Repair Your Outdoor Gear" by Louise Lindgren Sumner waiting for me at the library and I hope it has some good tips. Brother Tom has put an order in, but he'll have to wait until I get this thing down. Will report shortly on how well it keeps out the elements.

p.s. Check out Archival Clothing for some detail shots on the Hilltrek jacket I purchased a few months back. Nice jacket - made in Aboyne, Scotland down the road from my namesake, Alford.


Lynn said...

Wow! I think it looks great! I really like the hand sewn buttonholes. True they could use a little work, but I really like the look of them. Nice work!

mybollox said...

That's cool,put me on the order list.

Little Sis said...

This looks great from where I am sitting. You work on the new and improved version and I will be happy to take the first run off of your hands. I really like the color. I have told a few friends about your bags and they are anxiously awaiting them. ONe even mentioned if she could request specific colors for you to put together. Let me know!

Perfectly Disgraceful said...

How did I not know about your blog?! I also really like the hand sewn buttonholes.

Are you familiar with the NotMartha blog? She often uses Ask Metafilter to ask questions about things like locating grommets and shock cord.

Beth said...

Amazing! I'm totally impressed.

Angelo R. said...

How much? I'd order a couple for my wife and I.