Monday, February 01, 2010


all photos by Basil Childers for The New York Times

"With a week’s stubble on his chin, his eyeglasses fogged with steam and a towel wrapped around his neck, he certainly looks ganko, or stubborn, and he speaks hardly a word as he methodically fills bowls with careful dollops of flavorings and fats, ladles of rich broth, noodles cooked just al dente and shaken free of excess water, a slab of roast pork, a supple sheet of seaweed, a tangle of pickled bamboo shoots. All is silent until the final moment, when the chef drizzles hot oil on top and the shreds of pale-green scallion squeal and sizzle."

rest of article here.


janet said...

oh, i had very good ramen noodles in nyc just a few weeks ago. the perfect dish for this cold cold weather. while eating i was thinking how all my previous ramen meals were instant. kinda a shame. hope you're doing good!

Thomas Armstrong said...

mmmm, this makes me...hungry