Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter walk

Johnson Woolens doing what they do they best.

My street

You can just see the the top of the dome of the cathedral across the street.

Herringbone gloves.

Snowbound Land Rover.

Not sure about this.

Jeep? The telephone pole in the background is charred black.

Valentine's Day decorations.

What's this?

Peregrine falcon? with an afternoon snack.

All that remained.

Another dumping. 15.8". After this past weekend's storm I'd hope to be able to ride the bike again, but no such luck. Wednesday wasn't much good for anything but staying inside, cooking, movie watching ("Holiday Affair"), and knitting a pair of gloves. Stepped out a few times to get a sense of things and then back in. Today was bright and sunny, so I thought it might be good to take a little look see. I spoke to my friend Lynn who said she might walk down to see the river. Thought I might try to do the same, but never quite made it. But I did see a few interesting things. The Peregrine just topped things off rather nicely. Couldn't get close enough to get a good photo, and it didn't take a chance on me getting it's kill. Off it flew with dinner in tow.

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Renee said...

Mary R-G pointed me to your blog to see your gloves -- they're wonderful, as are all the other photos. Love the colors and the detail.