Saturday, January 22, 2011

Barnyard Menagerie



Lil Debbie


Cider House

Sugar House

The Barn

Looking east toward Brush Mountain (and home)

A few pictures of life at the NMH farm. The snow is deep and the horses and cows both seem to enjoy it. The calves seemed a bit unsure at first, but no longer seem to mind. I've been mucking out the stalls and feeding the animals in the morning, sometimes by myself and lately, with students. Not sure how much the kids enjoy it, but I find it very satisfying and always different. Nothing like a routine to shine a light on the subtle differences from day to day. It's a very small farm and no doubt very different from a larger, working concern. All told there are 3 milk cows, 2 heifers, 3 calves, 4 horses, and a cat. They all have to be fed and cleaned up after. The milk from two of the cows is sold as raw milk and used to make cheese and ice cream. Still have a hard telling them apart, but do know they have very different personalities.

It's pretty cold here today, 8º, with a predicted low of -20º tonight. Brrrr. Snow is in the forecast every day up to Thursday. Checking the forecast is a daily activity this time of year. Snug inside with the stove going (though it does eat up the wood!) and some soup simmering. I've been knitting hats and working on sewing a pair of pajamas. But I think I'm ready for spring.

On a different note. The above is a snap of my siblings. Waiting for pizza at Papalinos in Louisville. Damn good pizza, but the wait was a bit long. They certainly were doing a brisk business. Part of the appeal is the fact that everything is on view. By the time we got there, around 8pm, the dude shaping the pies had done something like 150 pies, and he came on around 5pm. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong, but that's what I think he said. Should have gotten a picture of the pie. If you do go, buy it by the slice. 2 slices equal about half a pie and, for some reason, cheaper.

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