Thursday, March 10, 2011


The basic setup. Tap, bucket, lid, and maple tree.

Starting to flow.

The crew working hard to get the last of the days buckets in place.

The sugaring has begun at Northfield Mount Hermon. After a week of getting trees tapped, buckets in place, lines set, and pumps in working order, we've started to get some sap. Still plenty of snow on the ground though, making collecting a bit of a slog. Up til now the amount of sap collected has been fairly low, but things are looking up. Today we collected around 1500 gallons. Tomorrow should be even better. The students who signed up to work this past week helping to collect, boil, and bottle syrup have done a great job under some trying conditions. Hopefully some of them are already looking forward to next year. I'll post again soon, with some photos and description of the collecting and boiling process.

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Thomas Armstrong said...

John, very nice, looks like good work. I love the patch of sunlight illuminating the tree in the middleground amidst all the blue. Yes, more please.